Start or Grow Your Business in Floydada

Business owners will find the perfect place to grow or start their company in Floydada. With a number of incentives including free training programs through the Floydada Development Center and the Floydada Economic Development Corporation, financial assistance for training through the Texas Workforce Commission, and a number of local training facilities, there are many opportunities to learn and grow.

Transportation and Demographics

Floydada is approximately 45 minutes from Lubbock Preston-Smith International Airport. The average daily commute is 15 minutes, and an estimated 84% of Floydada’s citizens drive to work every day. (Statistics found here.)

The makeup of Floydada is 47.7 percent male and 52.3 percent female, according to the 2010 U.S.  Census. The average household income is $37,708 as of 2017, which is an increase from $25,429 in 2000. An estimated 21 percent of the population lives beneath the poverty line. Floydada typically has mild weather in the spring, fall, and winter months and hot summers, with an average high temperature above 84 degrees Fahrenheit from May to September and an average high below 60 degreees Fahrenheit from November to February.